The Princess

for Sadie on her 29th birthday

Sadie, Sadie delights my heart,

Sunshine even when we’re apart.

Leans in to learn,

Digs down deep,

Pulls out truth both bitter and sweet.

Sadie, Sadie child of mine,

Strong and good, God’s own design.

His loving plan

To frustrate me,

And give me more than I could dream.

Sadie, Sadie lover-of-life

Nurtures and gardens, a helping wife.

Tends mamas who labor,

Ducks, dogs, and cats,

Lincoln and Bryan, just like that.

Sadie, Sadie kind and wise,

Thoughtful with a perceptive eye.

Bears his mark,

A Child of the King,

Looks to him, and makes my heart sing.

FullSizeRender (2).jpeg

Sadie and husband, Bryan, celebrate her birthday today in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

image1 (8).jpeg

1 thought on “The Princess”

  1. Sadie, the mighty Lord’s blessing and
    Gift to whole Harris family
    Listener, encouraging me to lean into His love.
    Loved special girl on her special day

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