Avenger God

Guard your turf,Avenger-God,Judge of earth.Pay back the proudfor their loud mouths.How long, O Lord,will the wicked be glad?How long will their wordsboast and brag?They pummel your people;they crush your kids.They kill widows and orphansand immigrants.They believe you don't see.Well, listen up, fools!Get a clue!God makes the rules. Give him his due!Ear creator hears.Eye designer sees.Knowledge… Continue reading Avenger God

You’re Invited

I've begun to post my journal as a devotional for the One Year Bible on "I Want More," http://iwantmore.blog. I'd love to have you take a look. For my kind followers, let me relieve your minds: this is the only email you'll receive from me about it, unless of course you choose to follow the… Continue reading You’re Invited