Simple Saving Song

Where do I begin

To tell this tale of love?

I thought it was about

What I was most proud of,

How I’d love you best.

I thought you were my pursuit.

But the better story is

I’m the broken one you choose.

I did my duty all those years

But missed you all along–

The striving and the trying

To be faithful, good, and strong.

I couldn’t do it solo,

And I turned away and strayed.

But I found your arms wide open

When I came back to you dismayed.

And now when I’m tempted

To feel strong because of me,

I’m reminded of your love

And how my weakness set me free.

It’s you and only you

Who fills me up inside.

It’s you who tames my passions,

My perfections, and my pride.

And though I’m prone to wander,

You take it all in stride.

“That’s why my Son suffered;

It’s why he bled and died.

You’re not my beloved

Because you’re good and fit,

But because you’ve given up–

You rest in me and quit.

I’m the one who seeks you,

The one who makes you mine.

It’s not about your goodness;

It’s my glory that outshines.

Every time you lean in

And depend by faith on me,

I answer, ‘Come in, my love,

Your face is good to see!’

I’m the one who bought you.

My mercy makes you more

Than you can be without me;

There’s still so much in store!”

The happy-ever-after

Of every tale that’s told

Is the everlasting story

Of long ago, of old:

The Mighty King of Glory,

Stooped down and welcomes me,

The one who forsook him

And nailed him to a tree.

Glory be.

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